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BATA CANAL, benevolent company

The Bata Canal benevolent company was established in 2002 and it shields the entire waterway essentially. Its activity is to ensure the operation, to coordinate the activities of state administration bodies, local self-government authorities and entrepreneurs, to promote the waterway at travel movement fairs, in mass media, to publish the promotion materials and to support the business activities along the Bata Canal. It operates the Bata-Canal Information Centre. Until recently, the benevolent company’s activities have been financed by the fees provided by towns and villages grouped within the charitable fund “The Agency for the Tourism Development on the Bata-Canal”. After its activity had been terminated, within the territories of the Region of Zlín and the South-Moravian Region the voluntary associations of communities were founded, which – among others – shield the financing of activities on the Bata-Canal. Those two associations –Association of Communities for the Development of the Bata Canal and Waterways on the Morava Riverin the Region of Zlín; and Communities for Bata Canal in the South-Moravian Region cooperate with the benevolent company. Their main objective is to utilize the tourist potential of this waterway in a more effective way and to develop it. 

Přístavní 1931, 698 01 Veselí nad Moravou
e-mail: plavba@batacanal.cz
tel.: +420 607 122 140